ACF Nationals 2017- A-Values announced

The A-values from 2017 ACF Regionals have been announced. These values will be used to invite teams to the 2017 ACF Nationals Tournament in April 2017. Please refer to the linked page for more details.


Congratulations to all teams who earned a qualification bid:

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ACF Nationals 2015 Summary

Congrats to Eric Mukherjee, Saajid Moyen, Patrick Liao, and Chris Chiego of the University of Pennsylvania, for winning the 2015 ACF Nationals! John Lawrence, Chris Ray, Max Schindler, and James Lasker of the University of Chicago came in second place.

James Bradbury, Alex Freed, Tabitha Walker, and Nathan Weiser of Stanford B were awarded the Undergraduate championship over the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign.

Dylan Minarik and Max Rong of Northwestern were awarded the Division 2 title over MIT B.

The top 8 scorers after prelim games were, in order, Auroni Gupta (UCSD), Dylan Minarik (Northwestern), Matt Bollinger (U. Virginia), Will Nediger (U. Michigan), Neil Gurram (MIT A), Eric Mukherjee (U. Penn), Andrew Wang (UIUC), and Jordan Brownstein (U. Maryland). Dylan, Andrew, and Jordan were also the top three Undergraduate scorers at the tournament.

Finally, congrats to ACF Member, Treasurer, many-time-editor, and Nationals Tournament Director Jerry Vinokurov, who was awarded the 2015 Carper Award! Special thanks are also due to Matthew Jackson, who has taken on a great deal of responsibility to make sure that quizbowl players across the country have the rich, satisfying Nationals experiences they deserve.

Full stats from the tournament can be found here. Many thanks to all of the teams for making this year’s ACF Nationals the biggest ever, and to all of the staffers who spent their weekends behind-the-scenes to make it all happen!

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ACF Regionals 2015 A-Values announced

The A-values from 2015 ACF Regionals have been announced. These values will be used to invite teams to the 2015 ACF Nationals Tournament in April 2015. Please refer to the linked page for more details.

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2014-15 Tournament dates and Editors announced

2014 ACF Fall will be held on 8 November, 2014. The full announcement is here, and regular updates will be made on the corresponding HSquizbowl thread.

2015 ACF Regionals will be held on 24 January, 2015.The full announcement is here, and regular updates will be made on the corresponding HSquizbowl thread.

2015 ACF Nationals will be held on 18-19 April, 2015, at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Regular updates will be made on the HSquizbowl thread.

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2014 Carper Award Winner

ACF is pleased to announced that Susan Ferrari has won the 2014 Dr. N. Gordon Carper Lifetime Achievement Award. Susan has edited ACF Nationals in 2011 and 2012. Since ACF’s switch to a centralized paying system, in her role as communications director Susan has tirelessly worked behind the scenes to inform teams about ACF Tournaments, working with them on the registration process, discussing eligibility questions with editors, and in general being the organizational glue that holds ACF together. She is a prominent guiding voice of reason in the collegiate quizbowl community. Congratulations, Susan, and thank you for all of the time and effort you have devoted to collegiate quizbowl.

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ACF Nationals 2014 Summary

On the 12th and 13th of April, 2014, 34 teams gathered on the Columbia University campus to play ACF Nationals. Virginia (Matt Bollinger, Evan Adams, Tommy Casalaspi, Dennis Loo) won the championship in an impressive 19-0 sweep. The widely-attended matches to determine second place ended in back-to-back nailbiter victories for Yale (Matt Jackson, Grace Liu, Jacob Reed, Ashvin Srivatsa) over Chicago A (John Lawrence, Max Schindler, Marshall Steinbaum, Charles Tian), 305-280, and Penn A (Eric Mukherjee, Dallas Simons, Patrick Liao, Saajid Moyen), 265-240. Thus Yale, Penn A, and Chicago A were the second through fourth place teams in that order, and were joined by Harvard, Michigan, Maryland A, Illinois, Washington, Stanford, Dartmouth, and Alberta to fill out the rest of the top bracket. By virtue of finishing second place, Yale was the undergraduate champion, Harvard (Stephen Liu, Sriram Pendyala, Mark Arildsen, Will Holub-Moorman) finished second place undergraduate, and Michigan State (Joe Nutter, Shan Kothari, Connor Teevens, Chris Wolfe) defeated Berkeley A (Ankit Aggarwal, Lukas Vlahos, Tanay Kothari, Ilyas Bayramov), 265-25, to claim the undergraduate third place trophy.

North Carolina (Natan Holtzman, Zihan Zheng, Ryan Rosenberg) defeated Notre Dame (Andrew Kiss), 210-5, in the Division II final.

The top eight individual prelim scorers were Matt Bollinger (UVa), Eric Mukherjee (Penn A), Will Nediger (Michigan), Richard Yu (WUSTL), Matt Jackson (Yale), John Lawrence (Chicago), Aaron Rosenberg (Illinois), and Stephen Liu (Harvard).

Undergraduates Nick Jensen (Dartmouth), Shan Kothari (MSU), Jasper Lee (OSU), and Jarret Greene (OSU) earned scoring honors, as did Division II players Natan Holtzman (UNC), Nick Jensen (Dartmouth), Jordan Brownstein (UMD), and Max Schindler (Chicago).

Division II players who made the championship bracket include: Grace Liu (Yale), Jacob Reed (Yale), Max Schindler (Chicago), Will Holub-Moorman (Harvard), Mark Arildsen (Harvard), Siddhant Dogra (Michigan), Todd Maslyk (Michigan), Jordan Brownstein (UMD), Andrew Wang (Illinois), James Bradbury (Stanford), Nikhil Desai (Stanford), and Will Alston (Dartmouth).

Congratulations to Virginia, Yale, and North Carolina on their championships, and thanks to everyone for coming!

Check out this youtube channel for some videos of Jerry Vinokurov reading for teams at Nationals.

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High School Eligibility for Discounts at ACF Tournaments

As of 07/16/13, high school teams playing ACF tournaments are ineligible for the “New to College Quizbowl” and “New to ACF” discounts. In the past, these discounts have enabled established high school teams with institutional budgets to pay the editors and hosts nearly nothing while straining host resources, possibly at the expense of other college teams. These discounts are offered to new college teams because one of the main goals of ACF is to encourage serious programs to arise in the collegiate quizbowl circuit. The high school teams who have claimed these discounts in the past are generally top tier teams using ACF tournaments for nationals preparation; though this is legitimate behavior that ACF doesn’t mean to discourage, it is one that ACF cannot afford to take a financial hit to subsidize. 

High school teams will continue to be eligible for the short-handed and international team discounts, as well as any they may earn for submitting early packets, providing moderators, and bringing buzzer sets.

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