Miscellaneous Policies

Last updated: March 22, 2022

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Teams at ACF tournaments may consist of individuals from only one school or institution (see eligibility rules) and, in general, must use the name of that school or institution. Teams may use pseudonyms in unusual legitimate circumstances only. Team pseudonyms must first be approved by ACF’s Site Coordinator and the TD of the tournament. Pseudonyms must be appropriate and neutral in tone (e.g. “[City] Scholars”) and may not be offensive or confusing. Pseudonyms must be clearly indicated (e.g. within quotation marks) in all official team lists, including schedules and statistics reports.

ACF reserves the right to reveal the affiliation of pseudonymous teams at its discretion. ACF also reserves the right to deny or alter a team’s choice of pseudonym for any reason.

Individual players must use (1) their legal name, (2) a preferred name that they use regularly, or a clear nickname or variant of either (1) or (2). Individual players may not use pseudonyms to obscure their identity or impersonate others.