Misconduct Policies

Last updated: August 20, 2022

Table of Contents

Player bans and public reporting

ACF cares about player safety and wants to ensure that everyone feels welcome at our tournaments and in the community. Outlined below are our policies and processes on misconduct.

ACF’s Gameplay Rules define two types of misconduct that can lead to a ban: minor misconduct and major misconduct. This document provides examples of both types of misconduct, explains ACF’s player ban policies for each type, and describes circumstances under which a player ban will be reported to the community. Note that misconduct occurring outside an ACF-sponsored activity may still result in an ACF ban.

Minor misconduct

  • Examples of minor misconduct include, but are not limited to: plagiarism, disorderly conduct during match play, intimidation of game or tournament officials, and verbal harassment.
  • First instances of minor misconduct result in a warning from ACF.
  • Repeated instances of minor misconduct result in bans of one year or more.

Major misconduct

  • Examples of major misconduct include, but are not limited to: cheating or conspiring to cheat at a quizbowl tournament, violent conduct during a tournament, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.
  • First instances of major misconduct result in bans of one year or more.
  • Repeated or extreme instances of major misconduct result in permanent bans.
  • Players may appeal permanent bans that have been in place for one year.

Inactive or ineligible players

  • ACF generally does not ban players who are not yet in college. However, major misconduct by older high school players may result in bans.
  • Ineligible players may receive delayed bans. These bans will only begin if the player later becomes eligible to play ACF tournaments.
  • ACF may not necessarily initiate ban proceedings for players who are inactive or have lost eligibility.

Ban reporting

  • Bans will be announced in the “Misconduct Issues” subforum of the Quizbowl Resource Center Forums, which requires an account to view. (Our player ban list)
  • Announcements will include the duration of the ban and the broad category of misconduct (cheating, interpersonal misconduct, other).
  • Announcements will not identify the reporter or any additional details of the misconduct unless specifically requested by the reporter.
  • ACF will announce player bans as a general policy, but will make exceptions in unusual circumstances, including at the request of the reporter. Reporters who wish to pursue an unreported player ban should discuss the situation with the ACF representative who contacts them about their report.
  • Warnings given for first instances of minor misconduct will not be reported.
  • Time-limited bans that have expired will not be reported.