Academic Competition Federation

ACF Fall

Last Updated: October 30, 2019

ACF Fall is the premier easy tournament in college quizbowl. Designed as an introduction to college quizbowl for novices and players with limited high school experience, over 200 teams compete on ACF Fall each year, making it the most widely-played set in the college calendar.

ACF Fall 2019 will be held on November 2nd, 2019. You can find the HSQB forum announcement here.


Rahul Keyal, of the University of California - Berkeley, will be head editor, with assistance from Rohin Devanathan and various ACF members.

The tournament will be edited by Ganon Evans, Justin French, Halle Friedman, Katherine Lei, Caroline Mao, Ben Miller, Tracy Mirkin, Clark Smith, and Kevin Yu.


Registration for ACF Fall is now open! To register, please fill out this form.


The fee structure will be as laid out in ACF’s revised hosting guidelines:

  • Base fee: $150
  • New to quizbowl discount: –$100
  • Shorthanded discount (1-2 players): –$75
  • Buzzers: –$10 per functional system
  • Staffers: –$15 per staffer with functional laptop
  • Travel: –$10 per 200 miles traveled one-way

Host sites will bill teams as soon as possible after the teams register. Teams should pay their host sites by whatever method is convenient for the hosts, who will in turn pay ACF by check, bank transfer, cash, or by PayPal for an additional fee.

The fee structure will likely differ for teams attending sites outside of the United States, and will be determined by ACF and the host sites by August 24.

Packet submission

Any team with at least two people on it who played a regular, collegiate, academic quizbowl tournament (either as a college student or as a high school student) prior to September 1, 2018, is required to submit a half-packet, unless it is a high school team attending a high-school-only mirror. If you are unsure whether your team is required to submit a half-packet, please email us at

  • For these purposes, all ACF tournaments, NAQT SCT (Division I or Division II), NAQT ICT, and typical college-level academic invitationals count as regular collegiate academic tournaments. Pop culture or “hybrid” tournaments, HCASC, and tournaments played on NAQT’s Collegiate Novice series sets do not.

The submission schedule is as follows (your submission must be sent to by 11:59 PM PDT):

  • September 7: –$30
  • September 21: –$15 (–$30 if optional)
  • October 5: no penalty (–$15 if optional)
  • October 12: +$25
  • October 19: +$50

Packets submitted later than October 20 will receive an additional penalty of +$10 per day starting on October 21.

If your team is obligated to submit a half-packet or wishes to do so, email to request a 12/12 distribution.

Please refer to the ACF Packet Submission Guidelines when writing and submitting your packet.


The submitted packet and final packet distributions for ACF Fall (and other ACF tournaments) may be found here. This distribution refers to a full packet; teams submitting half-packets will receive their half-packet assignments from the head editor.


ACF has selected the following host sites for ACF Fall:

Fields for each site can be found here.

High school teams and high-school-only mirrors

In order to encourage growth in small circuits that would benefit from a larger field, ACF will allow high school teams to attend select collegiate mirrors of ACF Fall. Collegiate hosts interested in having high school teams attend their mirror should contact to apply for an exemption. If this exemption is granted, hosts will work with the ACF mirror coordinator to assess high school teams’ requests to play the tournament on a case-by-case basis. This policy is not intended to let strong high school teams play against new collegiate teams, but rather to strengthen small collegiate circuits that would benefit from a larger field with local high school teams of comparable strength.

ACF is also willing to provide the set for high-school-only tournaments. Those interested in hosting a high-school-only mirror of 2019 ACF Fall should express interest by email to

ACF will not delay the discussion or public availability of ACF Fall questions after the weekend of November 2. High school sites are welcome to express interest in holding mirrors on other dates, but they do so at their own question security risk.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please forward them to