2022 Carper Award Winners

ACF is pleased to announce that the 2022 Carper Award winners are Matt Jackson and Chris Borglum!

Matt’s award is a result of the ACF membership’s vote. Matt’s contributions to college quizbowl are so broad that they’re difficult to summarize, but a recurring theme is his integrity. Whether pushing for more tightly controlled regular-difficulty events or a better mix of fun, interesting, and worthwhile answers at higher-difficulty tournaments, helping to grow and sustain the Northeast circuit and mentor younger players, or working toward a common set of rules for quizbowl events, Matt has never been shy about advocating for what he believes or putting in the hard work to help put that vision into practice. With Matt, there’s never been a question that he’ll follow through on his promises or give you his best effort. That integrity is an extension of the determination that has made Matt one of quizbowl’s great champions, leading public advocates, and most respected leaders. I’m glad the ACF membership has recognized Matt with the Carper Award.

Starting two years ago, ACF has empowered a committee of former Carper winners who are also ACF members to select a second winner each year. This year, the committee recognizes Chris Borglum. Few people have had such a long-term impact on the college game. Since 1993, Chris has taught at and coached Valencia Community College; his teams have won NAQT’s community college championship nine times, and four of his players have gone on to become professors at Valencia themselves. Since 1997, Chris has produced the Delta Burke Invitational, making it the novice tournament in longest continuous production. Chris remains a stalwart of the open circuit as well; he’s attended all but three Chicago Opens and won the event in 2003 with three other players from the Southeast. By directing so much of his energy into the community college circuit, Chris has done as much as anyone to make quizbowl available to students from nontraditional backgrounds, and I’m happy we’re recognizing him for that work now.

We will celebrate Matt and Chris at Nationals, along with several past winners who haven’t been able to attend in past years because of covid. Please join me in congratulating them for their accomplishments and thanking them for their great work!