ACF Cheating Policy

ACF has recently codified its policy on cheating:

A player who has been shown to have cheated at an ACF event, or has been credibly proven to have cheated at any other organized academic competition, will be banned indefinitely from the time ACF receives the credible report until that player states a desire to play an ACF event, accompanied with a statement of contrition or countervailing evidence. When ACF receives that information, it will conduct a vote to determine whether the player can participate in the tournament in question, and if not, determine a formal length of a ban from ACF events. If there are any questions about whether a third-party report of cheating is credible, any Full member of ACF can call a vote of the Full members in which a simple majority will decide whether or not the report is credible.

According to this policy, the four players deemed to have inappropriately accessed questions by NAQT (in these two reports) are indefinitely banned from participating in ACF tournaments. ACF is also considering bans against other individuals.

Update - 3/30/13:

ACF has also voted to indefinitely ban the individuals identified in these three reports as having cheated.