Change to ACF's Division II rules - 10/16/12

This is just to announce that ACF has changed the definition of Division II. The new definition of Division II follows:

C12. For collegiate tournaments that recognize high-finishing teams and/or individuals of “Division II” status, a “Division II” player is:

C12.1. At ACF Fall and Regionals, and any other collegiate tournament except ACF Nationals, any player who meets the definition of “undergraduate” and has never played ACF Nationals

C12.2. At ACF Nationals, any freshman or sophomore player (measured by time in school, not by credits)

The rationale for this change is that, at Fall and Regionals, the purpose of Division II is to get more teams to attend who otherwise might not, and reward those who do well while being "newer" players. So, at Fall and Regionals, Division II should be for any person meeting Undergraduate status who has never participated in ACF Nationals previously (even as a high schooler). At Nationals, we want to ensure that the title has a meaningful field competing for it and we don't end up with people afraid to play Nationals earlier because it might mess up their future team's eligibility.

We realize that this means that some teams that have already registered as Undergrad teams may, in fact, be Division II teams. Fear not! We will be in touch with you over the next day or two to figure out what division your teams qualify for and to correct your previous registrations, if necessary.