ACF Nationals recap

ACF Nationals happened last weekend. Yale A (John Lawrence, Matt Jackson, Kevin Koai, and Ashvin Srivatsa) held off Virginia A (Matt Bollinger, Evan Adams, Tommy Casalaspi, and Dan Hothem) in the hotly contested first leg of an advantaged final. Yale built up a 190-65 halftime lead, but Virginia stormed back to tie the game at 210 apiece on tossup 18. Yale answered the last two tossups of the game to win 270-210.

Michigan (Will Nediger, Kurtis Droge, Libo Zeng, and Bryan Berend) beat Penn (Eric Mukherjee, Saajid Moyen, Patrick Liao, and James Lasker) 315-135 in the third-place game.

Illinois (Ike Jose, Billy Busse, and Austin Listerud) vanquished Chicago B (Doug Graebner, Charles Tian, Jimmy Ready, and Connie Prater) 160-140 in a close final to take the Undergraduate championship.

Haverford (Thomas Littrell, Alec Johnson, and Graham Lobel) beat Chicago D (Kay Li, Tony Song, and Navi Singh) 50-20 in the Division II final.

The top eight individual prelim scorers were Ike Jose (Illinois), Matt Bollinger (Virginia), Eric Mukherjee (Penn), Chris Ray (Maryland), Henry Gorman (Rice), Matt Jackson (Yale), Andrew Hart (Minnesota), and Sean Smiley (VCU).

Undergraduates Doug Graebner (Chicago B), Jasper Lee (Ohio State), Charles Tian (Chicago B), and Kevin Malis (Northwestern) earned scoring honors, as did Division II players Spencer Weinreich (Yale B), JR Roach (Virginia B), Arun Chonai (Maryland A), and Ashvin Srivatsa (Yale A).

Division II players who made the championship bracket include: Charles Tian (Chicago B), Arun Chonai (Maryland A), Saajid Moyen (Penn), Ashvin Srivatsa (Yale A), Patrick Liao (Penn), Dan Hothem (Virginia A), Gaurav Kandlikar (Minnesota), James Lasker (Penn), and Robin Heinonen (Minnesota).

Congratulations to Yale A, Illinois, and Haverford on their championships, and thanks to everyone for coming!

Check out this hsqb thread for some videos of Jerry Vinokurov reading for teams at Nationals.