Writer Feedback


ACF sponsors a writer feedback program designed to help quizbowlers of every level improve their question writing.

How it works: send up to 5 questions to feedback.acf@gmail.com, along with what level the questions are for and what you’d most like help with. We’ll assign a member of ACF to correspond with you and give you feedback on your writing by reading your questions, critiquing them, and suggesting possible changes. We’ll also try to answer any questions about writing for quizbowl that you may have.

This program is open to all with no restrictions on who can participate. Everyone who wants to become a better writer, no matter how experienced you are, is welcome.

If you’d like to use these questions at a college tournament, send a preliminary email with no questions attached to ensure that no one playing that tournament is able to see the questions. This preliminary email should state the tournament to which you plan to submit the questions.

Also, if you are interested in ongoing feedback, please only submit one group of questions every two weeks; as a new program, we want to make sure we don’t overtax our volunteers.

We look forward to receiving your questions and helping improve your writing!


One Response to Writer Feedback

  1. An amateur question writer. says:

    I would just like to say that I am interested in this program. If it is not feasible to revive it, could you please suggest some alternate methods I can get feedback from people experienced in question writing? I do not know many of those kind of people in my region.

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