Paying for ACF events

Teams participating in ACF tournaments will pay the ACF treasurer directly. When you register a team for an ACF tournaments, we require you to leave contact information for a team representative. The Treasurer will email you with an invoice for the money you owe for the tournament.


What if I am unable to get the payment in on time?

Payments must be postmarked by the Saturday before the tournament. The late fee is $20 per week (the payment must be postmarked by the Saturday ending that week). Exceptions will only be considered if the school contacts the treasurer before the payment is late to make alternate arrangements.

To whom do I make the check and to what address do I send it?

Payment mailing address available on the registration forms.

My school is sending multiple teams. Should I be sending in one check for each team?

Schools with multiple teams can send individual checks for each team, or wait until they know the conformation and packet fees and send one check for all of their teams.

My school’s finance department takes time to process checks. Help!

Teams with slow payment processes are encouraged to consider alternate arrangements, such as sending a personal check and having a team member get reimbursed, or contacting the treasurer and working out an arrangement to submit paperwork ahead of time. Teams will not be able to play or host an ACF tournament, including the tournament for which the fee was levied, until their fees have been paid.

We had to make last minute changes that affect our fee-schedule. Help!

Hosts will report any day-of changes that affect the payment amount. Except in special circumstances to be determined by the treasurer, teams must register all buzzers, staffers, etc. before the tournament to receive a discount. In short, you cannot receive an extra discount for bringing more buzzers or staffers than you registered. If you bring fewer buzzers, staffers, etc. than you registered, the tournament director will contact ACF and you will owe an additional fee.

Please consult the specific tournament announcements for details on packet submission deadlines.


2 Responses to Paying for ACF events

  1. Jim Nutter says:

    Can payment be made by credit card or check only? If by check only, to whom is the check addressed?

    • bwordsworth says:

      The payment is by check only and will be addressed to ACF Treasurer Jerry Vinokurov. The mailing address will be provided along with the team’s invoice shortly after they submit a packet for each tournament (or fill out the form saying that they don’t need to.)

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