Discount/Penalty Schedule

Packet Submission

Tournament ACF Fall 2015 ACF Regionals 2016 ACF Nationals 2016
Date November 7, 2015 January 30, 2016 April 16-17, 2016
Head editor Gaurav Kandlikar and Richard Yu John Lawrence Rob Carson
Send packets to email TBA TBA
-$100 deadline N/A N/A TBA
-$50/-$30 deadline September 13, 2015** November 28, 2015 TBA
-$25/-$15 deadline September 27, 2015** December 12, 2015 TBA
No-penalty deadline October 11, 2015** December 26, 2015 TBA
+$25 deadline October 18, 2015** January 2, 2016 TBA
+$50 deadline October 25, 2015* January 9, 2016 TBA
Payment deadline (must be postmarked by this date) October 26, 2015 TBA TBA

* Discounts in red are for optional packets. If you have any questions about this please read on.
** This year, ACF Fall will only accept half-packets. Refer to the global announcement for details.
***The base fee for ACF Nationals 2016 is $260/team.

All the deadline days are Sundays. Packets must be submitted by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on the specified days to count for that day’s discount.

For more detailed instructions on paying for ACF tournaments, see this document.

Discounts for shorthanded teams

Teams which are:

  • Composed of less than 3 people,
  • Funded directly by its members (rather than by its school or by a team budget), and
  • Writes a satisfactory packet by the no-penalty deadline

are given further discounts. Teams composed of one individual get a $80 discount and 2-person teams get a $60 discount. This discount may be combined with other discounts.