Statistics Guide for ACF Tournaments

Quizbowl Resource Center Database

  • The tournament listing should be formatted like “[Year] ACF [Tournament] at [School]” (e.g. “2019 ACF Regionals at Toronto”)
  • To upload statistics for an existing database entry on the Quizbowl Resource Center Database, Upload SQBS Reports → Select tournament → Add stat report
    • Only the owner of a database entry may post statistics for it. The owner of a database entry can change the owner (From the database entry page, Edit Tournament Listing → Change Owner)

Team and Player Names

  • Always use players’ full first and last names
  • After both player and school names, indicate “(DII)” or “(UG)” as applicable, even if there are not enough Division II and/or Undergraduate schools to award trophies (e.g. “Jane Doe (DII)” or “Michigan State (UG)”)
    • For Division II players, it is not necessary to indicate both DII and UG


SQBS can be used to keep game statistics, and is available for free here.

Multi-Phase Tournaments

  • If the tournament uses multiple preliminary pools, label them separately as divisions (File → New Tournament → Use Divisions)
  • If tournament uses multiple phases like preliminary rounds and playoff games, statistics should be posted for each phase separately, as well as a combined file for all phases. Settings → General → Rounds Included In Reports, then generate separate reports.
  • When breaking ties, it may be necessary to seed teams by points per game, only including games against opponents that both teams played (see ACF’s Formats guidelines). After saving a safe copy of the tournament results, delete non-common games for the teams involved in the tiebreaker.
    • Deleting a game cannot be undone, so exercise care!


Enter the packet names exactly as they appear in the file name (Settings → Packet Names) Enable round reports (Settings → General → Include Round Reports)