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MAQT Miscellany

The Gordian Knot
Learn all about the MAQT's somewhat new buzzer system! Fun for the whole family!
MAQT to Reaffiliate with CBI in 2000
The CBI reaffiliation article


ACF Home Page
The official site for all your hardcore ACF needs. Whoever maintains the site must be a real slacker.
NAQT Official Website
Contains NAQT event info and tournament results, and a comprehensive list of college and high school teams' home pages.
The Maize Pages
Although it's yet another list of links slapped together, this one stands out through Craig Barker's frequent updates, and is the best place to find what you need. No disturbing yapping head of Tycho Brahe like the erstwhile Quizbowl Archive sported, although it's not necessary to make the background of the page baby-barf yellow in order to emphasize that it's called The Maize Pages.
Stanford Packet Archive
There aren't many recent tournaments, but it's hard to turn down free questions.
The Reference Desk
Dwight Kidder's list of links to online reference material.
Berkeley Tournament Records Archives
A welcome trend in the past few years is the online preservation of quiz bowl heritage. The Berkeley archive is an excellent example, and Jason Hong deserves much praise for creating it.
Chip Beall's Questions Unlimited
Glean wisdom (or laughter) from America's most prolific question writer. Be sure to check out the sample questions.

Academic/Trivia Newsgroups
Keep up with the latest flamewars and tournament announcements. Also a good place to get season tickets and sell your old bowling balls. The newsgroup is basically dead now, having been functionally replaced by the listserv.
Very CBI-oriented.
The author of the nationally syndicated column "The Straight Dope." Like Marilyn vos Savant on crack, except he actually knows what he's talking about.

Question Writing Guidelines

ACF Documents
Writing guidelines, rules, and other important stuff.
Stanford Question Writing Guidelines
Guidelines for timed tournaments, newly HTMLized.

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