2011-12 Editors and Officers


ACF Fall
Carsten Gehring, Head Editor, Carleton College, Class of 2012
Sarah Angelo, University of Virginia, Class of 2014
Bryan Berend, University of Michigan, Class of 2013
Matt Bollinger, University of Virginia, Class of 2014
Matthew Hart, University of Minnesota, Class of 2013
Gaurav Kandlikar, University of Minnesota, Class of 2014
Matt Menard, University of Chicago, Class of 2012
ACF Regionals
Trevor Davis, Head Editor, Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2012
Will Butler, Ph.D. Student, Biology, Georgia Institute of Technology
Auroni Gupta, University of California – San Diego, Class of 2012
John Lawrence, Yale University, Class of 2012
Guy Tabachnick, Brown University, Class of 2013
ACF Nationals
Jonathan Magin, Head Editor, University of Maryland, Class of 2008
Bruce Arthur, J.D., Harvard Law School
Susan Ferrari, Ph.D., Cancer Biology, University of Chicago
Jerry Vinokurov, Ph.D., Brown University
ACF’s Officers
Communications: Susan Ferrari
Webmaster: Gautam Kandlikar
Meeting Chair: Andrew Hart