ACF Formatting Guidelines

A friendly reminder: ACF editors will charge a penalty if you do not meet the guidelines below. So pay close attention to this section.

Content Formatting

Fonts, Margins, etc.

Your submitted packet should be in Size 10 Times New Roman font. The margins should be 1 inch on all sides. The lines should be single spaced and spacing between paragraphs should be 0pt.

Do not number anything and do not use any tabs, autoformatting, or page breaks at any point in the document.

Packet Header

In the first two lines, place the following in bold text:

<Tournament Name> <Year>
Packet by <School Name> <Team Name or Letter> (Player1, Player2, Player3, etc.)

You should include the names of all people who contributed to the packet and/or will be playing on that team. Eg.

ACF Regionals 2014
Packet by Reno Tech B (Travis Junior, Trudy Weigel, S. Jones, Jim Dangle)

Tossup formatting

Tossups should be 6-7 lines in length, with the occasional tossup going into the 8th or 9th line. The last sentence of a tossup should begin with “For 10 points” (and not “FTP” or “F10P”) followed by a comma and a space.

Do not number or indent your tossups. Do not include power-marks in your tossups.

Bonus formatting

Bonuses should have parts that are two lines long, with an occasional part that goes into the third line. Each bonus part begins on a new line with the numerical point value of that part in brackets.

Bonus leadin

The first line of a bonus, the leadin, should include a description of the point values for the bonus parts. i.e., if it is a 3-part bonus, it should say “for 10 points each.” Else, it should say, “for the stated number of points.”

Answer-line formatting

The answer for any tossup or bonus part should be in its own line. The line should begin with the text “ANSWER: “; that is, the word “ANSWER” in all caps, followed by a colon and a space.

The required part of an answer should be underlined and bolded. If the answer is the title of a work like a book, a play, an opera, a painting, a film, etc. it should be italicized. If it is something contained within a larger collection, e.g. a short story, a chapter, a song, etc. it should be contained within quotes.

Any instructions for prompts, alternate acceptable answers, or additional instructions for moderators should be contained within brackets.

Standardization of numbers

To make all the packets uniform in appearance, please display all point values and years in questions as digits, but all other numbers as prose words (e.g. “twenty-two years”, “a million dollars” and “fourteen hundred casualties,” but “For 10 points” and “1976.”)

Use the BCE/CE system instead of the BC/AD system for years, and remember to always include the correct designation alongside the years when there is the possibility of confusion.

Other notes on formatting and grammar

Please delete all internal notes and conversations from the packet before submitting it.

If there is a note that you would like to convey to the editors, please add it as a comment using MS Word, or leave a line before or after the question.

Do not use two spaces after a period, or anywhere else.

Avoid using special characters if possible. Characters with accents and other diacritical marks are okay.

Organizing your packet

Group your questions by category. Tossups should appear before bonuses. The ordering of the categories does not matter. Within a category, the ordering of sub-categories doesn’t matter, either.

Take a look at this packet our editor Rob Carson submitted for ACF Regionals 2014.

Do NOT randomize your packet. We will return your packet to you if you submit a randomized packet.