Carper Award Winners

1999: Dr. N. Gordon Carper, Berry College coach
2000: Dr. Carol Guthrie, Tennessee coach and ACF co-founder
2001: Dr. Robert Meredith, Georgia Tech coach
2002: not presented
2003: Eric Hillemann, Carleton coach
2004: Don Windham, Tennessee
2004: Gaius Stern, UC – Berkeley
2005: Charlie Steinhice, Tennessee – Chattanooga coach
2006: R. Robert Hentzel, Iowa State player and NAQT founder
2007: Andrew Yaphe, Virginia, Chicago, and Stanford player, ACF and NAQT editor
2008: Chris Sewell, Texas A&M and Stanford, inventor of SQBS statistics program
2009: Ezequiel Berdichevsky, Michigan and Maryland player and ACF editor
2010: Subash Maddipoti, Chicago player and ACF editor
2011: Dr. Seth Teitler, Berkeley and Chicago player, ACF and NAQT editor
2012: Jeff Hoppes, Berkeley player, ACF and NAQT editor
2013: Matt Weiner, VCU player and coach, founder, ACF editor
2014: Dr. Susan Ferrari, Chicago player, ACF Editor and Communications Director
2015: Dr. Jerry Vinokurov UC-Berkeley & Brown University Player; ACF Editor, Treasurer, Tournament Director


One Response to Carper Award Winners

  1. Don windham says:

    How come I don’t get Dr. in front of my name?

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