High School Eligibility for Discounts at ACF Tournaments

As of 07/16/13, high school teams playing ACF tournaments are ineligible for the "New to College Quizbowl" and "New to ACF" discounts. In the past, these discounts have enabled established high school teams with institutional budgets to pay the editors and hosts nearly nothing while straining host resources, possibly at the expense of other college teams. These discounts are offered to new college teams because one of the main goals of ACF is to encourage serious programs to arise in the collegiate quizbowl circuit. The high school teams who have claimed these discounts in the past are generally top tier teams using ACF tournaments for nationals preparation; though this is legitimate behavior that ACF doesn't mean to discourage, it is one that ACF cannot afford to take a financial hit to subsidize. 

High school teams will continue to be eligible for the short-handed and international team discounts, as well as any they may earn for submitting early packets, providing moderators, and bringing buzzer sets.